By Jon Maples, Chief, City of Chillicothe Police Department

April, 2019 - April is Child Abuse Prevention month. To bring about awareness of this very important issue, you should see an abundance of blue across the state of Missouri, especially Chillicothe. We want you to be a part of it, so for the month of April, show your blue! The pinwheel is the national symbol for child abuse prevention, and we will be planting a garden of them in a few select locations. These pinwheels represent hope, health, and happiness - the very essence of childhood. If you would like to order pinwheels to plant your own garden, let us know.

The North Central Missouri Children's Advocacy Center, The Missouri State Technical Assistance Team, and the Chillicothe Police Department gathered at the Chillicothe Police Department in support of Child Abuse Prevention. We tied blue ribbons to our patrol cars to show support of the Child Abuse Prevention.

The NCMCAC, MO STAT, Livingston County Prosecutor Adam Warren, Livingston County Victim Advocate Karen Hinton and Chillicothe Police Department work closely on child abuse and child sexual assault cases. As always, we take these cases very seriously; and a child should never be a victim of these crimes. We will always be the advocate on these cases. We have had an influx of these type cases. Our staff, especially Detective Murdock, does an amazing job investigating these type of cases. I believe we have an influx in these cases because our partnership with other organizations and because our officers are more approachable and dedicated solving these crimes.

In May, the North Central Missouri Children's Advocacy Center will be conducting Stewards of Children (Darkness to Light) training. These are extremely hard cases to investigate. Stewards of Children uses real people and real stories to show adults how to protect children, built off of a 5-Step foundation. It's not as hard as you think; and everyone can do something. If you would like this training brought to your group or community, let us or the NCMCAC know.

1) Learn the Facts
2) Minimize Opportunity
3) Talk About It
4) Recognize the Signs
5) React Responsibly

Please email us at Likewise, if you have a complaint or concern you wish to discuss with our department, we would also like to hear from you. We take pride in serving you!

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