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Chillicothe Police Department Role & Responsibilities
The purpose of the Police Department is to work within the structure of the constitution, state statutes, and City Charter to enforce all laws, preserve the peace, diminish fear, and provide safe conditions within our city. To accomplish this mission, the department is held responsible for preventive police patrol throughout the entire city, thwarting unlawful activity, enforcing traffic laws to maintain an orderly and smooth flow of traffic and to prevent vehicular accidents, gathering and preserving evidence of crimes, searching for and arresting anyone suspected of illegal activity, locating missing persons, recovering lost or stolen property, investigating accidents, assisting in traffic and pedestrian safety, administering assistance to the injured, providing certain educational and/or awareness programs, and protecting life and property within the city.

The Police Department has 17 full-time police officers. We have Chief Jon Maples, Assistant Chief Rick Sampsel, 3 Sergeants - John Valbracht, Curtis Hays, and Jeremy Stephens; 1 Detective - Michael Smith; and 11 Patrol Officers - Brandon Johnson, Eric Menconi, Whitney Murdock, Cody Dysart, Marshall Meagher, Jared Bremer, Jeremiah Grider, Kyle Fletcher, Lena Turpin, Matthew McCurry, and Caleb Clements.

Communications Department
The Chillicothe Police Department has seven (7) full-time Communication Officers working a variety of shifts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their job is to obtain as much information as they can when a call comes in and relay it to the proper Emergency Service Department in a timely manner in order to help the citizens of our city, county and surrounding areas.

The communications department dispatches for the Chillicothe Police, Chillicothe Fire, Chillicothe Ambulance, Livingston County Sheriff's Department, Gallatin Police Department, Chula Rural Fire and First Responders, Wheeling Rural Fire, Dawn Fire, Ludlow Rural Fire, Mooresville Rural Fire and the rural Hale area. They also work with Troop H Highway Patrol, code enforcement and animal control. The Chillicothe Police Department also houses the 911 center for all of the above areas. In addition to dispatching for the local area, they are also responsible for monitoring the National Weather Service and NOAA radio. If there is potential for severe weather in our area, they can activate the storm sirens alerting citizens to take cover.

Support Staff
The Chillicothe Police Department also employs an Officer Manager - Cindy Hanavan, who works with the Chief of Police in day-to-day operations, serves as the E 911 Dispatch Coodinator, and assists in the overall workflow of the Police Department. She also provides general administrative/clerical support service to enhance the operation of the police department. We also employ a department secretary, Ellen Parrack. She reviews and processes police reports for the necessary offices including probation and parole, prosecuting attorney, insurance agencies, and other departments. She works with the state and federal governments in mandated reporting and keeps the department up-to-date in all the necessary reporting. She keeps track of all reports and records management.

Ellen Parrack (Left) & Cindy Hanavan (Right)

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Chillicothe Missouri Police Department
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Jon C. Maples
E-9-1-1 Coordinator Cindy Hanavan

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